Sunday, November 9, 2014

Best of The Best /October 2014

 Hi guys! Here I want to share things that I mostly used for the part month. I know is November now, but in this post I want to show things that I used before, so I got my personal opinion about it. I can proudly say is The Best of The Best!

I prefer to start with section about clothes because is not that big. My favorite jacket from Zara that I wore almost everyday because it is completely perfect. Probably you think how can I wear it with everything because it is not a basic color,but no IT IS. This year is really popular to wear something unusual such as light pink jacket. It makes our outfit full and bright. Anytime I am going out with this jacket I got 1000000 compliment how cool is that. Meanwhile, silver components are perfectly match with silver watches or silver tactics on the shoes. 

This tee is typical and classic, but heart element makes it more fashionable. Moreover this company is one of my favorite, it has extremely good quality. In brief, this tee goes to everything from normal jeans to long skirt. Every single time when I do not know what to wear I choose this!

Jacket: Zara Women 

Those shoes are necessary for every single person on this planet in my opinion. I think there are no rules for, it does not matter what is popular now because they are forever cool. I do not have a lot of to say about it, but it is my fifth pair of shoes. I just literary love them. 

The biggies part are accessories and cosmetics. I will start with accessories. One of the biggest trend now is pearls. There are everywhere. I love this set(1) because it makes my outfit more major and fancy. It looks  amazing when there are together, it makes typical white tee into something special. Watches(5) is my favorite part because I cannot live without time. I just need them. To stay fashionable and be on time, I found solution: vintage watches. I have all colors: gold, silver and brown leather with gold. Those colors match with all of the earrings and necklaces. Here comes cosmetics. My fav lipstick(2) of this month is Baby Doll lipstick in color "2" . It looks really natural on my lips and stays for a long time. This texture also moisturize my lips. Really cool part of it, you can use it as a blush. My face becomes fresh when I use it. I give it 5/5. During this period of time my lips needs balm, and my choose is EOS (3). It smells like Heaven. It makes lips soft immediately. The last but not least, Lush Scrub "Ocean Salt". My face becomes extra dry, and  this scrub takes off dead skin without drying my skin more. Mix of avocado and vodka moisturizes really well. I feel a have a baby face after it. 

1. Set of necklace and ring : Unknown (found on Amazon)
3. Lip balm: EOS 
4. Face scrub: Lush "Ocean Salt"
5. Watches: Casio

I hope you enjoy this blog;)
What is your "The Best of The Best?